Sree Rama Dasa Mandir Chicago

Why another Temple in Chicago?

Sree Rama Dasa Mandir is not just another temple. It is a classic Ashram facility as envisioned by revered Saint His Holiness  Swami Sathyananda Saraswathy Thiruvadikal of Sree Rama Dasa Ashram. An Ashram in its true sense is a place of retreat, it is a place of solace, it is a place of worship, it is a place one would go to for hope and support  for people of all walks of life. It is a place that takes care of Body, Mind and Soul.

Why Hanuman?
Hanuman or Lord Anjaneya is the embodiment of devotion, humbleness, courage, commitment, service, respect, nobleness and such enormous qualities. Ever present where ever the name of  Lord RAM is uttered, ever ready to help and serve for the noble causes of Dharma.

In addition to the causes mentioned above, this temple is envisioned as a place of worship, place for Pitru pooja, a place to introduce classic Indian values of living. This includes going back in time by a thousand years, where every individual is respected. Every individual contributes to the cause.

Many projects being reviewed. Most important considerations are Pitru Pooja facility, Guru Mandir and a facility that promotes natural food.

Pitru Pooja is the act of worshiping the great ancestors who have gone by. According to classic Sanathana Dharma every form of life is a minute embodiment of the supreme super natural power. Each form of life takes many births to go through various learning's. According to eastern philosophy, each birth time must be dedicated to containing each of the Vasana or native tendencies in life. It is only the human form of birth that allows significant amount of thinking and collective action which can be quickly transformed to purifying one’s soul. Ancient Vedic scriptures offer many ways to achieve this—if followed with absolute commitment. Some of these are Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga etc. … Yoga stands for Union. Union of mind and soul resulting in actions that is beneficial to self as well as others. Life continues from one form to another until all the vasana’s are put to rest. Modern science also supports this theory. For example - through the works of Dr. Brian L Weiss, Many  lives many masters. Pitru Pooja is an act of offering worship to the supreme super natural power to empower the respective souls to be clear of Vasanas. Hence they can accelerate their progress of surrendering the vasanas and hence lead to Salvation, avoiding many more miserable lives and births in various forms and shapes. In simple terms, Pitru Pooja is that simple offering done in rememberance  to all the love and affection to one's ancestors. Eastern tradition believes that a personality is built with the genes from 40 previous generations, of which last 7 directly influences one's character.

Guru is the self less teacher who  always guides disciples in the right way. Guru when recognized as the Aacharya, is the one who enacts his teachings. He leads to follow. Guru Mandir is a very sacred concept that would enrich the gurutvam—the attraction to enhance the Guru qualities in ones life. Word Gurutvam itself means attraction to the heavier object. It is said that nothing is impossible for the one who follows gurutvam. This is a concept far less understood by the modern science.

There did exist a period when one could live on the fresh organic food from the back yard. There were no pesticides, no genetically modified plants and finally no diseases which are known in today’s world.  This facility is envisioned to have a retreat facility where one can survive on the most adapt herbs for ones life style as much as possible.