Sree Rama Dasa Mandir Chicago

This is a Sree Rama Dasa Mission North America initiative supported by various local organisations and prominent individuals across the world. Some of the key supporters are,

Dr. Rama Dwivedi - Dr. Rama is a known more for his devotion to Anjani Nandan Hanumanji than as a biomedical scientist. Dr. Rama's unique recitation of 
Sunderkand from Tulasi Das Ramayan and Ramkatha is one of the rarest devotional events to attend. Details of regular events can be seen on the events page at

G. Jayachandra Raj - One of the noted astrologers who introduced multidimentional astrological interpretation techniques. Conventional astrolgy follows single view interpretation while this concept allows to interpret astrological charts to sounds and numbers, exposing deep secrets with in seconds. He also re-discovered one of the ancient temples in India

Dr. Pradheep Challiyil - Dr. Pradheep is known for his contributions for compiling the devine healing powers of Pancha Bhootha offered by mother nature to manage the day to day ailments of human body that the modern science is still unable to comprehend, more than his professional side. A glimpse of his library of information can be seen at

Dr. Soman Nadhan - One of the very few practicing Ayurvedic doctors in United States who offers traditional oil treatments with authenticity. More details on the website

Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan - One of the unique vedic scholars who offers scientific interpretation to vedic customs and rituals, an eloquent speaker, scientist and the brain behind Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage