Sree Rama Dasa Mandir Chicago

How is the Funding planned for? How do I Volunteer?

We are actively seeking support of like minded people who are willing to devote their time, money, and effort to make this project a grand success. Please email if you are willing to help. We encourage you to send a brief resume with details on how you will be willing to help.

How can you help?

Help can be provided in many ways. As per Vedic Indian definitions, any effort achieved through the sincerity and dedication becomes a divine activity. Such collective effort is termed as a Yagna, the most powerful way to receive the blessings of the Supreme Super Natural power. This entire project is envisioned as a  Yagna (or Yagya).  Collective efforts finally gets tunnelled through the classic defintioned of Yagna to achive peace for the entire world with the concluding prayer - Lokaa Samastaa Sukhino Bhavantu. This prayer leads to the happiness of the entire world through the most peaceful means - by  selefless offerings to the supreme  power -  God.

How much  is the aniticipated initial expense? How is it met?

Initial set up expense anticipated for setting up the facility is $1M. A group of 1000 individuals donating $1000 per person as a one time contribution will make this money. This group will be called "Prathama Manadalam". Since this contribution will lead to initial setting up of the temple, all members Mandala will enjoy quite a lot of unique privileges, including poojas on their behalf for important events, priority for all poojas and so on. There will also be poojas conducted on their birthdays every year for the next 10 years. 

Temple is a part of registered not for profit organisation of Sree Rama Dasa Mission with appropriate 501C(3) approvals. Hence all direct contributions could qualify for appropriate tax excemptions.

How do you discriminate people from various casts and religion?

We do not! We believe that all human beings are of the same nature. Born in the same earth, Breathing the same air. Circumstances, past and present actions lead them to where ever they are. Hence we treat every one as equal as long as every one treats self as well as every other individual with love humility and respect, exactly as how Hanumanji would have treated all his fellow worshippers.